An alleged prototype of the Pixel 7 surfaced on eBay — just weeks after Google officially unveiled the phone at its I/O keynote earlier this month. While the Pixel 7 is slated to be available later this year, a seller was able to put its alleged prototype up for sale. The prototype showed up with the signature design that appeared at the keynote, with the unique camera bar on the back. It seems to have the deep black Obsidian hue that Google showed itself at the Pixel 7 premiere. Separately, Google appears to be working on a new high-end Pixel phone that could be different from the Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro offers a premium viewing experience.

As noted by Android commentator Mishaal Rahman, the alleged Pixel 7 prototype was put up for sale by a seller on eBay. The phone appears to have the same design language that Google showcased during the I/O 2022 keynote.

The prototype listing, which was closed at the time of this article submission but accessible through the cached version, included some additional images of the phone to show the sides, front, and back in detail.

Overall, the prototype design is similar to the Pixel 7 that Google unveiled earlier this month. One of the images also indicates that the phone, which appeared to be in working condition, will have 128 GB of onboard storage. This suggests that the Pixel 7 may come in a 128GB model.

An image that appeared on the listing shows that the phone has the model number GVU6C. A glimpse of the Pixel 7 Pro – a superior variant in the Pixel 7 series – was also reportedly seen in one of the images where the reflection of what appears to be the phone’s camera bar appeared on the back of the prototype.

Google Pixel 7

Exact details on how the seller got the prototype are not available. However, in a conversation with The Verge, the seller claimed they bought the phone from a wholesaler.

The seller put the phone for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $450 (approximately Rs. 34,900). However, the listing was discontinued shortly after it was made public.

Notably, this isn’t the first time a Pixel device had appeared on the web in detail before it was officially available. The Pixel family has a long history of leaks and rumors.

However, this time Google tried to calm the rumor makers by revealing the Pixel 7 series well ahead of its formal launch later this year – most likely in October. Nevertheless, the listing on eBay suggests the company still needs to tighten its supply-side controls to limit the early appearances of its upcoming devices.

In addition to the alleged prototype of the Pixel 7 surfacing, Google appears to have a new high-end Pixel phone in development. As reported by 9to5Google, the new device is codenamed G10, and references are found in the Android kernel code. It should have a premium screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The display of the mysterious Pixel phone turns out to be made of Chinese BOE and has specifications including a QHD+ (1,440×3,120 pixels) resolution that matches that of the Pixel 6 Pro. Furthermore, the screen would have a size of 71 x 155 mm.

And in this photo that the seller posted, you can see that they appear to be using the Pixel 7 Pro to take the shot.

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) May 30, 2022

The screen resolution and size of the new Pixel device suggest it would be a phone, not a tablet or other device.

Nevertheless, there are no official details about the existence of the reported high-end Pixel phone. It may just be a prototype for internal testing or finally debut after the Pixel 7 series launch.

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