VVX 450. $279.95. VVX 450. $279.95. VVX 350. VVX 350. 6-line mid-range IP desk phone. Six-line mid-range IP desk phone with color display. VVX 250. $179.00. VVX 250. $179.00. VVX 150. VVX 150. 2-line IP desk phone.

Which phones can I use with Google Voice?

You can use these desk phones and devices with Google Voice: Poly EDGE B10. PolyEDGE B20. PolyEDGE B30. Poly OBi 300. Poly OBi 302. Poly Trio 8300. Poly VVX 150 OBi Edition. Poly VVX 250 OBi Edition.

Can I use a regular phone with Google Voice?

You can tell Google Voice to ring your incoming calls on any number of devices, and you can make and receive calls using your regular old number from any phone you connect.

Can I use Google Voice on an old mobile phone?

Once you’ve transferred your old phone number to Google Voice, you can use it to text anyone, as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection, or they text you first with text forwarding enabled.

Will Google Voice be discontinued?

Google stopped integrating Google Voice and Google Fi with classic Hangouts in early 2021. Switch to Google Voice from classic Hangouts for your calls and messages. You can export data from classic Hangouts until July 2021 while credits are refunded.

Which polyphones work with Google Voice?

What are the supported desk phone models for Google Voice for G Suite? Polycom VVX 250 OBi Edition (6.3.1 or newer version), VVX 350 OBi Edition (6.3.1 or more recent version), and VVX 450 OBi Edition (6.3.

Google Voice

Can you use Google Voice without a phone number?

You cannot use a Google Voice number without your phone number. You cannot use the number without verifying your phone number first.

Is Google Voice considered a landline?

Google Voice is a free internet phone service that lets you simultaneously combine all your mobile services and forward calls to multiple devices. You must also have an existing US-based mobile or landline phone number.

Will Google Voice disappear in 2021?

The process to delete Hangouts conversation history will continue through September 2021. Learn more about changes to Hangouts with Google Voice. You can no longer call and text in classic Hangouts. Use Google Voice to call or send a text.

Can you use Google Voice without Wi-Fi?

Since Google Voice is a VoIP service, it works exclusively over the Internet. But that also means that you can access the service and make calls, texts, and more wherever you have an internet connection.

Can you transfer a Google Voice number to AT&T?

Note: The above-linked section of the help page is titled “Option 2: Transfer your Google Voice number to a cell phone service”“. However, you can port your number to any cellular, landline, or VoIP provider in the US with the technical capability to host the number on their switch.

Why does Google Voice need a phone number?

Why does Google Voice need phone number verification? All legitimate companies that require your phone number for identity verification do so for security reasons. Google Voice considers phone number verification an anti-fraud measure. They don’t want anyone to abuse the numbers they offer and commit scams.

Will Google Voice Replace Hangouts?

Google has previously confirmed that its Hangouts chat will eventually be replaced by Google Chat for all users, marking a new turn in the company’s messaging strategy.

What’s the difference between Google Voice and Hangouts?

While Google Hangouts can make outgoing calls, it doesn’t provide users with a phone number to give to others for incoming calls. With Google Voice, users can make calls and receive them and get a toll-free phone number.

Does OOMA work with Google Voice?

Your Ooma Telo base station or Phone Genie integrates seamlessly with your Google Voice account using an Ooma feature called Google Voice Extensions. With Google Voice Extensions (LLU), you create a phone number dedicated to Google Voice calls, your Google Voice Virtual Number (GVVN).

Can I use the Vonage Adapter for Google Voice?

The main difference between Vonage and Google Voice is that Vonage users need to install Vonage’s dedicated network adapter or use Vonage’s softphone application to make and receive calls. Google Voice users do not need to install any equipment.

Does Grandstream work with Google Voice?

Q: Does the Grandstream GXP1400 work with a Google Voice account? A: The short, simple answer is “Yes.” Google Voice works with cell phones, desk phones, work phones, and VoIP lines. You don’t have to download, upload or install anything or make or receive calls from a computer.

Does Verizon work with Google Voice?

You must set up Conditional Call Forwarding (CCF) on your Verizon phone instead. Sends calls to Google Voice for voicemail only when your phone is busy/unanswered/unavailable, rather than ALL calls. You will need to set up conditional forwarding on your Verizon line again.

Can you use Google Voice on a tablet?

You can now download the Google Voice app from the Android Market to your tablet, and it works fine.

Can I have two Google Voice numbers on one phone?

You can keep your original Google Voice number as a secondary number for a one-time fee of $20. Calls and texts to both numbers will reach you, but outgoing calls and texts are only sent from your primary Google Voice number.

What can a scammer do with Google Voice?

When the victim texts the code, the scammer can link the Google Voice number to the victim’s verified phone. The scammer uses the Google Voice number in fraudulent advertisements on marketplace websites or other criminal activities.

What happens when someone calls a Google Voice number?

When someone calls your Google Voice number, it rings on every device associated with your account. Of course, you can aake outgoing calls from any device, even your computer. The recipient’s caller ID will see your new Google Voice number no matter which device you are calling from.


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