Fallingwater Photos – The following photos are from a photo documentary of the construction and operation of Fallingwater in the 1940’s by Dr. C.F. Powell, a practicing physician in Pittsburgh. The best part about these tutorials is that they’re free.

Fallingwater is a house by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built in 1935 in Bear Run, Pennsylvania, USA. It’s one of the most iconic homes in the United States.

And since it’s so well-known, it’s made into a tourist attraction.

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Fallingwater Photos

Photography tips

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Fallingwater Photos

Free photography tutorials

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Fallingwater Photos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I find more information about Fallingwater?

A: If you search on Google, “Fallingwater: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania” will bring up lots of information. You can also look it up on Wikipedia or visit their site at www.fallingwater.org.

Q: Is there a good photo book about Fallingwater?

A: There are several good photo books about Fallingwater. The best is probably The Making of Fallingwater by Alan Hess (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008). The only downside is that it is very expensive.

Q: What’s your most memorable experience with the History and landmarks foundation?

A: My most memorable experience with the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation was photographing the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh building. I got to meet Dr. Henry Holtzclaw, the museum’s architect. I also photographed the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia. I enjoyed photographing the construction of the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.

Q: What’s your favorite location to shoot?

A: I like to photograph in new places when I am on a photo shoot. One of my favorite locations is Fallingwater. It is very unique to shoot there. My favorite place to plug in Pittsburgh is the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. I also enjoy photographing at the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.

Q: How did you get the job to take the photos?

A: A friend who works for the company called me and said he would take pictures of Fallingwater. He asked me if I could do something for them in return for being in the photos. I was very excited to do it, as I had never had the chance to photograph any of my favorite houses.

Q: Did you know what you were getting into when you signed up to be in the photos?

A: No, not really. I didn’t even know what Fallingwater looked like!

Q: Do you feel like it’s your responsibility to help keep the image of Fallingwater in good standing by using your photography skills?

A: Yes, I feel a certain responsibility to do my best to ensure that the image of Fallingwater stays strong and positive. I would never want to see anyone else misrepresent this wonderful house or our family. The photos are the most important part of the story. They need to be documented and preserved.

Myths About Photography 

1. The photos of the waterfall were taken after a storm

2. The photos were taken with a long exposure.

3. The photos were taken at a specific time of day.


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